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A Look at Rogue’s Former Loves and Flings

Let’s take a look at the former loves and flings of the recently married Rogue to her soulmmate Remy Labeau aka Gambit.

So yeah, Remy and Rogue got married in X-Men Gold # 30.

And while the X-Men’s resident southern belle has had her own set of flings and lover and we take a look at most of them, probably rank them as well.


If you’ve seen the X-Men Animated Series back in the 90s, you would probably be familiar with the ill fated Cody who happens to Rogue’s first boyfriend. The hapless guy got to test out Rogue’s absorbing powere before anyone else that left him in a coma.

Human Torch

This was teased but never fully developed. During her run as the leader of the Avengers / X-Men unity squad aka the Uncanny Avengers, Rogue found herself mostly working closely with Human Torch aka Johnny Storm. This was kinda dropped sometime later for unknown reasons.


This could be classified as a fling or at most a romantic gesture. When the Unity Squad stormed the Red Skull’s hideout they were caught off guard and fell to the Nazi’s mind traps except for Deadpool who’s mind was already so warped, you just can’t play mind games with him. So Skull controls Rogue and makes her beat the crap out of Wade. Later, they win and still later Rogue picks up Deadpool and kisses him. We get a glimpse of Wade Wilson without the cancer in this bit too.


During Chris Claremont’s run on adjectiveless X-Men, Rogue led her own team who fought the likes of The Neo. Thing is, through these battles Colossus developed feelings for Rogue. That spark was being slowly ground up but was sadly discontinued.


Magneto could be Rogue’s great love had they took the time to properly develop the relationship. Rogue met Magneto in the Savage Land, had a few adventures with the master of magnetism. It went on and off until she decided to call it quits. Years later, when she finally got hold of her powers and rejoined the X-Men, she resumed her relationship with the senior mutant.

And I forgot to mention that she and Erik/Max had a kid together in the alternate universe known as the Age of Apocalypse?


For what its worth, Rogue and Gambit forever. The cajun and the southern belle have gone through a lot. They have also been on and off through the years including that time when Rogue hooked up with Magneto (see above).

They have seen into each other’s souls a hundred times over with one time Rogue being privvy to Gambit’s dealings with Mr. Sinister and his involvement in the Mutant Massacre.

During the Claremont era X-Treme X-Men, when Rogue temporarily lost her powers, it was also with Gambit that she lived a “normal” life.

So there, if that’s not proof enough that Rogue deserves Gambit and the other way around then that just proves that you dont ship them hars enough or you would rather have Magneto and Rogue end up together.

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