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So Who Got Married in X-Men Gold # 30

Thanks to big spoilers released earlier by Marvel themselves, we find out that there was a bait and switch within the X-Men who got married in X-Men Gold # 30.

And for this post, we chronicle how this happened in the pages of Gold # 30.

And yes, that Rogue and Gambit on the cover of Mr. And Mrs. X # 1.

So in this issue, Rogue and Gambit stayed in the background as guests in attendance of Kitty and Colossus’ wedding.

Rogue and Gambit just recently concluded their adventures in their self titled miniseries.

Before the wedding, Gambit shows off how impressed he is with what Rogue was wearing.

Rogue and Gambit are also the ones who are first to react with the sudden departure of Kitty Pryde.

Later while the former bride and groom talk out their status, Remy LeBeau has this great idea of saving the event from turning into total disaster.

Its finally happened. Rogue and Gambit are finally hitched. Suck it Magneto!

This would also mean that we’re one step closer to that disastrous event that happened in Chris Claremont’s X-Men: The End series.

We also get to a new series called Mr. And Mrs. X which will be written by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua.

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