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Steve Trevor Returns in Wonder Woman 2 aka Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman and it’s sequel Wonder Woman 1984 has shared a new still set to appear in the film which still stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman.

The shocking reveal here is that Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, is alive and made it into the year 1984. He’s older here but wears the attire for the era.

You can also see with the people around that it’s 80s fashion, and yeah, it looks like they are in a mall.

My thoughts on this? This is a trick and this is just a cameo. Maybe the film’s main baddie is messing with Diana’s mind in order to get her to drop her guard down.

Or maybe this is somebody who revived Steve Trevor’s body and again uses it to disarm Diana.

Or maybe it’s really Steve and he survived the plane explosion from the first movie and he waited decades for the perfect time to meet Wonder Woman once more.

There’s another image from Wonder Woman 1984 which features Diana looking at a bunch of TV screens with her reflection looking back at her.

It kinda reminds me of Watchmen. Why is that I wonder?

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