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Look: Ultraman New Era Caps

Here’s a look at the Ultraman New Era caps available in all their stores around the metro.

Quick disclaimer: I’m still new when it comes to cap culture. I know my snapbacks from truckers and adjustables and that’s as far as I can go. If I missed a term or misused one, apologies.

These just look so cool and they have half a dozen designs to choose from. including the standard caps that go for aroun php1800+

This one’s the pricier Cap which goes for php3000++

Ultraman New era Cap belial, still for pho 3000

And if you think that this collection is solely focused on Ultraman and various iterations of the character then you’ll be surprised to know they also have the classic baddie Baltan in the mix.

Better get these Ultraman New Era Caps before they end their store run and you may have a hard time getting them again.

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