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Rogol Zaar’s Motivation for Hating Kryptonians – The Man of Steel # 1

The first issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ miniseries run on Superman starts with The Man of Steel and if you’ve read Action Comics # 1000, you know that there’s a new big bad that’s threatening to hurt Superman and traces back to the now-dead planet Krypton.

In this issue, Man of Steel # 1 by Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis and more has two subplots, one is the mysterious disappearance of Lois Lane and Superboy aka Jonathan Kent and the other is the history of the new villain Rogol Zaar and his bid to get rid of the Kryptonians in the past.

We see that the bruiser has requested an audience with the supreme powers of the universe to deal with the Kryptonians who he considers “threats”.

He thinks that the Kryptonians would one day cause chaos in the universe and he believes that while they are still young, they need to be slaughtered completely.

We don’t see what happens or find out what the verdict was but we see that sometime later, Rogol Zaar has went into hiding and has been hunting and killing stuff; its there that the lead Guardian of the Universe Appa Ali Apsa contacts him.

How this pans out as a story beat we just have to wait as the new books including the rest of the issues for The Man of Steel as they ship out.

Also quick mention, this is a fine start for Bendis in DC Comics. I like how he’s starting off work with the Distinguished Competition and I really hope he doesn’t make the same mistakes he did with Marvel and screwing up characters left and right *cough cough* Iceman *cough cough*

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