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Marvel Future Fight Has New Infinity War Updates Again

Kablam’s hit game Marvel Future Fight gets a new update still in line with Avengers Infinity War with more costumes and new characters that can reach Level 70.

Above we have a new loading screen which emulates that awesome scene from the Marvel Studios blockbuster. Although they moved things a bit to add in the Space Team and the Wakanda team.

We also have a new overall look at the updates.

So now Iron Man and Spider-Man can hit tier 3. Scarlet Witch has a new costume as well. And hey, waddayaknow, even the bad guys aka the Black Order gets new World Boss difficulties.

Here’s the breakdown of the crystals you will need in order to purchase the new Avengers Infinity War costumes.

The game is obviously pushing F2P or free to play gamers but its kind of hard to resist new costumes and new attacks for characters in this game.

The new update for Marvel Future Fight is available now for Android via Google Play.

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