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Lockjaw # 4 Sends the Inhuman Doggie to the DC Universe, Meets Superman and Wonder Woman

I never knew that the Lockjaw miniseries was going to be fun. It’s not only fun it also once again reinforces the idea that the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe are interconnected somehow as seen in Lockjaw # 4 where the mutt manages to teleport into the DC Universe!

LOCKJAW (2018) #4
Published: May 30, 2018
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith
Penciler: Carlos Villa
Cover Artist: Ulises Farinas
D IS FOR DESPERATE! Lockjaw and his companion D-Man finally face their enemy: Annihilus, Lord of the Negative Zone! And he’s got one of Lockjaw’s siblings! Annihilus wants access to every dimension — no matter how many lives it costs. Don’t miss the conclusion to Lockjaw’s grand adventure, complete with mind-bending cameos — including the Avengers B.C.!

Spoilers ahead from Lockjaw # 4

So in this issue, Lockjaw and his sister goes to the Negative Zone to rescue their other sibling which found its way into Annihilus’ court. Things go awry and Lockjaw goes on to fight Annihilus with the help of characters like D-Man. While they port all over the place, they find themselves in a somewhat familiar territory with a (super)man and a woman (of wonder) hover over the fight and reminds the Marvel characters that they are trespassing.

Reminds of the Captain Marvel/ Shazam cameo from Infinity Countdown some months ago.

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