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Designated Survivor Cancelled at ABC

The political thriller series Designated Survivor has been cancelled by ABC according to reports.

The series stars Keifer Sutherland as the low level cabinet official that suddenly becomes the President of the United States after a terrorist bombing in the White House (thus Designated Survivor).

According to reports, the reason for the cancellation was low viewer turn out. ABC insiders say that season 2 ratings were disappointing as well as less traction for delayed viewing. This is in comparison to the show’s first season.

Another reason for the series’ cancellation is due to various goings on within the show. Keifer Sutherland wanted to shoot in LA as opposed to Toronto where they have shot season 1 and 2.

There’s also the trouble of showrunners leaving the series making it hard for the entire production crew and cast scratching their heads from time to time.

No word yet if the series will be picked up by other networks. But for fans of this series, better not hope that much.

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