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Pinoy Boys Over Flowers 2018 Remake Officially Cancelled

If you’re waiting for the Pinoy Boys Over Flowers remake for 2018 then we’re sorry to report that that won’t happen anymore as plans have been cancelled due to several reasons.

Here’s a quote from a Meteor Garden fanpage on Facebook regarding the cancellation of Boys Over Flowers here in the Philippines:


Few days after the Press Conference of Meteor Garden 2018, it was in the news that there will be a remake of the Boys Over Flowers Korea.

However, it was already cancelled due to the following reasons:

🌸 Hana Yori Dango manga ( the original source of the story ) can only be remade every 3 years . So no two adaptations can be shown at the same time.

🌸 The station bought the rights from KBS but the rights for Boys Over Flowers Adaptation must come from author Yoko Kamio and Sheshua Publishing House. Therefore, they must pay 2 rights just to produce a new adaptation.

🌸 Meteor Garden 2001 and Meteor Garden 2018 have the same producers . They even went to Japan to ask permission from Yoko Kamio.

🌸 If they really want to produce BOF adaptation now, they must pay for copyright this year and must pay again after 3 years for the copyright.

🌸 Any unofficial adaptation will result to copyright infringement case

* There guys, so let’s just wait for Meteor Garden 2018 * 😊

There you go. It gets technical and costly to make a remake and the local producers aren’t willing to go through all that. Remember they did the same thing for Zaido, which was an adaptation of Shaider.

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