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Batman # 46, The Gift Part 2 Spoilers

So here we are, Batman # 46 from Tom King and Clay Mann which also happens to be “The Gift” part 2. Hold on to your butts, we have a lot of things to tackle.

In this issue, we pick up some time after last issue where Bruce Wayne willingly destroys Booster Gold’s friend and partner Skeets in order to maintain the current status quo with his parents alive while Gotham City plunges into chaos.

We see Booster Gold hatching another idea to return to his proper reality, this time he requires the help of Catwoman aka Selina Kyle, who has been kept inside Arkham Asylum.

Back with Batman or should we say Bruce Wayne, he’s with Thomas Wayne who doesn’t feel good after everything that is happening to Gotham.

He keels over but doesn’t die. He actually survivves and this is in part because there’s some sinister that awaits the Wayne patriarch later in Batman # 46.

Oh and we also get to see how much of a badass Martha is.

As an interlude, we see Jason Todd walking away free after his Joker Taser product was brought into public scrutiny after getting a kid killed after touching an armed car. His attorney? A non-Two-Face Harvey Dent.

After laying down the plan with Catwoman, Booster Gold decides to help Selina get a new costume.

And as a nice surprise, he actually gives Selina a costume similar to what Michelle Pfeiffer wore back in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

After evading another attack from Dick Grayson’s Punisher-Batman hybrid, the pair drops by Wayne Manor. The idiot that Booster Gold is thinks that seeing Catwoman would trigger something in Bruce Wayne but that wasn’t the case.

Catwoman proceeds to murder all the people in the manor starting with Alfred Pennyworth. And Booster Gold is shocked at what is happening before him.

It’s then revealed that Thomas Wayne thinks that he “created” Catwoman because he was responsible for closing down the orphanage which also spiraled into Catwoman turning into a world of crime.

Catwoman murders Thomas then gets shot by Batman, who managed to track them back to the Wayne household…

It’s a bloodbath with Batman killing Booster Gold with a grenade while Catwoman shreds Dick’s fingers. While injured, he’s still in the game and when Bruce tries to fight off the invaders, he witnesses his mother getting gunned down by Batman.


Bruce then shoots Batman in the head.

Batman # 46 ends with Bruce Wayne, the only surviving in the crime scene screaming after being traumatized seeing all the dead bodies surrounding him.

Makes me wonder how this is going to end with all the main characters dead.

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