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Top Summer Must-Haves You Can Get with Shopee

Summer’s officially here and you know what that means. Well if not, it’ll mean road trips,vacations, beaches and all sorts of ways to spend the down time. But have you packed everything you’ll need for your trip? These are the summer must-haves you can get when with Shopee!

Flip-Flops/ Footwear

Going to the beach or just walking along scenic places will eventually hurt your feet, so why not get something that not only looks nice but also makes it comfortable to walk around. Check out Banana Peel on Shopee to find the latest designs that will fit your lifestyle and personality as well.


Looking to spice things up when it comes to your social media posts? Why not try getting one of those cool looking drones. Not only will this yield great selfies and shots but also give you something to do when things get boring in the beach.

Power Bank

Going out doesn’t necessarily mean “disconnect”. Invest in a good brand of power bank and let the fun continue even when you step out of your room. Some of the things you need to consider about the powerbank you can purchase through online stores like Shopee are the following: (a) the amount of charge it can carry (b) the charging time (c) the number of devices you can charge with the power bank at any given time.


Invest in a good pair of eye wear this summer for a number of reasons. One is that when you have the right pair, it will make you look better. Two, it actually protects your eyes from the glare and other negative effects of direct sunlight.


Don’t leave home this summer without your smartphone. In case you’ll be flying off somewhere this summer (minus Boracay) and you want to upgrade your phone, there are a couple of new phones launched this quarter. All of them have great capturing capacity, different shooting styles and most importantly, they offer GREAT selfies. Plus the new phones out this year can also be great gaming buddies where you can play games with just a touch of a button.

Waterproof Bags

Yeah, I made the critical mistake of NOT bringing a waterproof bag a few summers ago and my phone took a quick dip in the waters of Siargao. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE. It sucks to be in a beach and not being able to take photos or videos of your travels. So please, if there’s one thing you need in your travels, get a good quality waterproof bag.

So there you go, a quick list of SUMMER MUST-HAVES for 2018! Don’t forget to check out Shopee Philippines for the best deals and best products online! Don’t forget to follow Shopee on social media Facebook @ShoppePH,Twitter @ShopeePH and Instagram


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