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Astonishing X-Men Gets New Creative Team and a New Team with Havok and Beast

Astonishing X-Men gets a new creative team and a new set of members as we officially say goodbye to the Charles Soule team which prominently featured Psylocke and her unlikely team battling the Shadow King.

This new team will debut starting Astonishing X-Men # 13 which will also be the first issue by Matthew Rosenberg and Greg Land.

Rosenberg earlier dropped the lineup before Marvel showed the artwork. This Astonishing X-Men lineup will feature Beast and Havok as co-captains for this team. Colossus will be there as the “muscle”, Dazzler’s there as “powerhouse”, Warpath as the “knives” and an unannounced member who will be revealed soon.

Take note thought that not all of these X-men are currently good guys. Havok aka Alex Summers is still suffering from the effects of AXIS where he’s still inverted, meaning he’s still inherently a bad guy.

Also making an appearance for this new adventure in Astonishing X-Men # 13 are the Reavers who have brought along a secret weapon in their war against the mutants and only Havok knows who or what it is.

Astonishing X-Men # 13 will be out June 2018.

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