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Alex Ross Shares his Action Comics # 1 Tribute for Superman’s 80th Anniversary

Alex Ross shares his lil tribute to Action Comics # 1 as part of the 80th Anniversary of Superman.

This will be the first of many artworks that was commissioned for the artist starting this year to commemorate everything and anything Superman. This lithograph is called “More Powerful than a Locomotive”

Ross states:

Most people coming to comics realize the historical importance of Superman. But I’ve always loved very specific traits of the character, and in fact, very specific versions. When I saw some reprints of the oldest comics with him, from the ’40s, I immediately fell in love with the art style from then. He looked very serious, very rough and ready… a character built for the era of the Second World War. I like to connect with that earliest version of him, to bring him back to those roots.

To quote CBR on availability of this product:

The piece will be available for purchase in limited quantity at the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago from April 6-8. Over the years, Ross has made a name for himself through covers for DC, Marvel, Dynamite and Dark Horse Comics to name a few. Other notable works include his stint on Marvels as well as Kingdom Come in the ’90s.

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