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A New Power Ranger and a New Megazord Appears in Shattered Grid Event

We all know that there will be a massive crossover for the Power Rangers books for IDW called Shattered Grid but what we werent expecting was the introduction of a new character and even more surprising, a new Megazord.

idw new megazord power rangers shattered grid

So who or what is this new Megazord and how does it tie to Shattered Grid?

Well just to recap, Shattered Grid is the massive crossover for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers. It also features the return of Lord Drakkon, the alternate reality Tommy Oliver who gained power with the help of Rita Repulsa.

So fast forward to this new Megazord, its reported that this Zord belongs to Lord Drakkon’s Ranger Slayer, a new ranger that hunts down Rangers in their past, effectively eliminating them.

The unnamed Megazord looks badass too…

It also appears to be composed of the White Tigerzord as the main mech together with the rest of the Thunderzords making up it’s armor.

We can find out more about the Ranger Slayer and his new megazord in Go Go Power Rangers # 10 shipping this June.

Meanwhile we also got another cover featuring two Power Ranger teams going against Drakkon’s “Sentries”.

Here’s the cover for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 28 which features the Power Rangers RPM teaming up with the Power Rangers SPD. And as you can see, the bad guys look better than the good guys. Had I no context to the MMPR # 28 cover, I’d have sided with the Drakkon sentries.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 28 will ship out June 2018 written by Kyle Higgins and Daniele di Nicuolo.

Credits: Power Rangers NOW

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