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Avengers Infinity War Posters Reveal the Black Order and More

Two new posters for Avengers Infinity War has revealed new looks for several members of the Avengers as well as Thanos’ kids aka The Black Order.

Infinity war 2 poster

The first poster we will be looking at is the one that features the main characters including Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Spider-Man, the Infinity Stones and the film’s main villain, Thanos who is voiced and mocapped by Josh Brolin.

Some of the interesting tidbits we notice for this poster is the obvious change to Thor’s eyes.


Thor loses his eye in the final battle with his sister Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. It seems like he will be doing some space-faring adventure together with Rocket and Groot. It looks like he will be looking for a new weapon which would probably be Stormbreaker.

Also throwing the scent off is Iron Man who is rumored to lose an arm or a hand in the fight with Thanos and his army. In the poster above, it looks like the armored Avenger still has his hand intact and that arm cannon is mounted above his hand.

Now check out the second poster which focuses on the bad guys this time.

From the bottom going up we have the “troopers” for the movie, the grunts so to speak, the Outriders.

We also have Proxima Midnight with her nasty looking trident, we also have the Cull Obsidian, the Hulk-ing member of Tean Thanos, the deadly Corvus Glaive.

We also have Thanos in the middle as well as the Ebony Maw, whose works involves manipulation and coercion.

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