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Let Hot Toys Convince You Why You Need a 2nd Black Panther One Sixth Fig

So Black Panther comes out this week and there’s no doubt Hot Toys would be releasing a second BP one sixth figure in line with the new movie. Thing is, there’s a lot of collectors who dont want to because (a) expensive as hell (b) there’s only you can do so much with Black Panther that would be movie accurate.

So aside from having a second cool cat king in your toy shelves. You get a better figure with improved articulation and improve paint. Don’t get me wrong, the Captain America: Civil War Black Panther looked great but the new movie version looks even better.

You have two head sculpts that come along with the figure. The masked version…

… And the unmasked version featuring the likeness of actor Chadwick Boseman.

The cool thing about the new Hot Toys Black Panther is that you can change certain parts of the face.

Then the masked sculpt also has built-in LED linings, making your Black Panther light up like a neon sky.

Sorry, its branded as a luminous effect patterns. Something we’ll be seeing in the movies as well as in the TV spots and Black Panther trailers we’ve been bombarded for the last few months or so.

Other stuff that’s worth getting for this second Hot Toys Black Panther include a new redesigned costume (which was done in canon by T’Challa’s sister Shuri).

It definitely looks like a modernized version of the classic Black Panther costume. I do miss the cape.

There’s also a new spear that comes along with the figure! Man, who knew T’Challa would need one.

Check out some other neat-o photos for the Hot Toys Black Panther one sixth figure which will be released Q2 of 2018.


Hot Toys Black Panther Ine Sixth Scale Figure

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