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Can’t Get Enough of Air Binay? Check out these other Potential Kicks

Can’t get enough of the Air Binay sneakers that’s exclusive to residents of Makati and a select few other collectors? Well here are some concepts and unconfirmed kicks based on places in Metro Manila or based on Manila mayors.

Above, we have Air Malabon which was based on the city of Malabon. There’s also a Nike Zoom based on San Juan called “Zoom Juan”.

There’s also a Pasay Yeezy based on the Yeezy Boost from Adidas, which was created for artist Kanye West.

As mentioned earlier, there were some sneakers that were based on mayors like the EUSEBOOST which was a play of Pasig mayor Robert Eusebio and the Eusebio family.

There’s also another sneaker based on Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista called AirBert

I’m not entirely sure that these are actually shoes that exist but if they are, then I will definitely tell you that the hunt has begun.

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