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Batman-Catwoman Wedding Date Revealed

Batman and Catwoman’s definitely going to tie the knot despite how things ended in Batman # 39 and DC Comics was even proud to reveal the Batman-Catwoman wedding date.

Reports are coming in that the Batman – Catwoman wedding date would be July 2018 which will also be the release month for Batman # 50. It looks like a fun issue but just like ANY superhero wedding, expect a villain (or two) to crash the party. In this case, that party-pooper would be Batman’s main nemesis, The Joker, who hears of the Batman-Catwoman wedding.

The first stroke of Joker’s plans to ruin the wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle will first be seen in DC Nation # 0 which will be done by Batman writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann.

Also included in this 25-cent book from DC Comics is a bit of Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League, with his story called “No Justice”.

DC Nation # 0 will be available May 2 for only a quarter (as cover price), three days before Free Comic Book Day 2018. Again, the Batman-Catwoman wedding will happen July 4, 2018 in Batman # 50!

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