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Third Serving of Overwatch Pops from Funko Will Have you Asking for Healing!

Still not completed the Overwatch Pops wave 2? Then here’s a third serving which will feature characters like Mercy and Roadhog!

Let’s break down who made it to this wave shall we?

The third wave of Overwatch Pops features the healer Mercy, the Talon hacker Sombra and the Russian powerhouse Zarya. These trio of beauties are joined by the brutes, so to speak, namely.

Junkrat and his partner Roadhog and the wandering guru, Zenyatta.

Interestingly enough, it’s Roadhog that becomes this wave’s “Super Sized Pop” figure.

No price has been announced for these Overwatch Pops but we have in good authority a possible release date which is March 2018. There could also be more along the way as Toy Fair is just around the corner.


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