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Jurassic Park Funko Pops Announced

It took us years to get a decent dinosaur movie with Jurassic Years, years to get a decent spinoff and then a decent few years to finally get Jurassic Park funko pops; and yet, life finds a way.

Check out which characters made the cut to become the members of the first wave of Jurassic Park Funko Pops…

The Jurassic Park Funko Pop wave includes:

  • Dennis Nedry
  • Dr. Alan Grant
  • John Hammond
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Velociraptor
  • Dilophosaurus

And that’s not all.

There’s also a Pop Ride for this wave featuring Laura Dern’s Ellie Sattler in a JP jeep.

This could be an interesting wave to collect. I can already see Funko doing a supersized version of the Brachiosaur so we can recreate this…

Oh and let’s not forget that this year will also be the year we get to see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, so expect to see Funko Pop figures of these as well.

So far, we checked and there’s no release date for the Jurassic World Pops.

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