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Ink Has Some New Powers and More – X-MEN: GOLD # 18 SPOILERS

A couple of X-Men: Gold # 18 spoilers today including the X-Office’s plans on making the mutant Ink cool again.

X-Men: Gold # 18 was written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ken Lashley and is out now in your LCS.

So again in this issue, we find out what happened to Nightcrawler who had escaped his cell last issue.

So he tried doing blind teleportation which gets him injured in another part of the planet. At the same time, we revisit an old thread of Nightcrawler’s which is him being immortal because he traded his soul to beat his dad Azazel during Jason Aaron’s run on “Amazing X-Men”.

Damage Control also makes a brief appearance in this book with one of their representatives talking to Amara aka Magma who has returned to work with the X-Men now that they are operating again in New York City.

For this X-Men: Gold # 18 spoilers post, we also check on Rachel Summers aka Prestige, who was greviously injured back in issue # 17 during the Kolgoth’s extraction on Earth and the attack on Xaviers. Apparently, we’re starting to see Rachel return to a previous look.


We get a cool moment with the billingual X-Men as they quote a classic X-Men line in Japanese and Russian thanks to Armor and Colossus.

Ink also gets blasted but its all good because the next panel reveals that he’s actually stronger than when we last saw him in Young X-Men.

The dude who had the Phoenix Force inked on himself also reveals this issue that’s he got a couple of new tattoos that can make him a worthy soldier namely a new healing factor.

Storm takes Kolgoth hostage and threatens to drop him; but then the villain reveals that the location he set to meet the X-Men is actually the home of this planet’s god/ deity.

Pretty interesting read. Definitely will want to pick up the rest of the story as well before we dive back into Phoenix Resurrection, which should be out in LCS next week.

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