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Dark Nights: Metal # 4 Was More Grant Morrison Than You Noticed

In this week’s Dark Nights: Metal # 4 we get some surprising nods to Grant Morrison and his run on JLA. Of course there are a lot of spoilers for this post so lets get right to it.


Just like what was posted earlier, Superman and Batman gets some rescuing from the new Dream (of the Endless), Daniel.


OK fine, this wasn’t the first appearance of the new Sandman in Dark Nights: Metal. He’s made his presence known as early as issue 1 when it was revealed that Batman is the key to all the chaos that’s about to happen. But this is a more expansive role for the new Dream.

This leads to the more questions and more stuff unanswered…

Meanwhile, we also get to see the return of one of the Justice League’s classic villains with a bit of change in his/its personality. Talking about Starro The Conqueror. The Star-Bro makes his triumphant return to the DC Rebirth era with his alliance with the new leader of the Thanagarian empire, a dude named Onimar Synn.

Poor Hal. That’s that for him and Mr. Terrific at this point in the story. Starro’s involvement though is something that is rather interesting.

So in case you’re wondering what’s the connection between Grant Morrison, the JLA and these two’s appearance in Dark Nights: Metal # 4, it all happens in the JLA story during his amazing run in the book.

In this story, a young kid dreams up of meeting the Justice League despite his town’s aversion to heroes. It turns out the aforementioned town had been taken over by Starro The Conqueror and his face-hugging starfish. The JLA teams up with the new Dream to take on Starro both in the real world and in the dream world. It ends up the kid got enough power in the dreamworld to rescue both the town and even the Justice League.

You can check all about that in this book…

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