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Siargao Review

Thefanboyseo.com shares its Siargao review starring Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales and Jasmine Curtis Smith. Directed by Paul Soriano.

Siargao Trailer

The film revolves around Diego (Jericho Rosales), Laura (Erich) and Abi (Curtis Smith) set at a specific time in, you guessed it, Siargao. There we get to see these three bare their souls and find answers to some questions plaguing their lives.

Siargao Review – Pros

– Jericho Rosales still has it as a leading man. As Diego/ Jigs, he’s this confused musician who returns to the island, gets more-than-friendly with a tourist and then at the same time deals with his unrecquited love. Raw emotions and lots of brooding moments make for this island-centric feature.

– Jasmine Curtis Smith is cute and is a real eye candy in this picture.

– Erich Gonzales just proved why she’s a booze brand calendar girl. Walang photoshop-photoshop she’s really cute. Nyeaaaaaaaammmmm.

– Erich also can act. Damn straight. There’s one particular scene in “Siargao” where she confesses her feelings about her split from her boyfriend played by Enchong Dee where she shows she’s an effective actress. Those tears? Damn, you just want to wipe them away and tell her everything’s going to be ok (more on that later).

– Goddamn I want to go back to Siargao. Shoutouts to Epson for bringing us there last year…

– So many life lessons to pickup, a lot of “hugots” and a lot of millennial level logic. Still the best lines came from Jig’s older brother who convinces him to stop running away and face the consequences of your actions. I liked this in the movie… A LOT.

– Loved the cinematography here and I wrote that down while watching the screening this afternoon. Definitely want to give you dear readers the heads up in this Siargao review, that the movie’s rich with aerial shots of the beaches and locale.

– Siargao also made extensive use of music to bring life to moments in the film. We got great tracks too like Ransom Collective’s Fools and even a quick cameo of Franco! I totally approve.

– Cleavages and abs (as a friend put it). That’s a good thing right?

– Best moment for me and gets to join the pros in this review is the closing scene of the movie where Soriano shows his mastery of good framing to give us a great kissing moment. (Totally not a spoiler

Siargao Review – Cons

– The plot’s been done to death. Still a good try but a notch on negative for this movie reviewer.

– As supporting characters for Siargao, I’m not amused by Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaugn. Why were they even there????

– You notice when they changed cameras for scenes in this movie. It’s obvious, it’s jarring and it muddles up the first and second act a bit. I’d assume there was some tech issues when they shot those scenes?

– There were a few cringey lines here. There was one were (not sure whether it was Abi or Laura) she goes “fluid dito… parang waves”.

– There came a point where cleavages and abs became a distraction.

– Stiff line delivery by Miss Curtis, almost hard to watch. Sorry. She is still cute though.

– There’s such a disconnect between Erich and Enchong. Are they still a love team?

– How things ended in the movie kinda sucked for me. Without getting to spoiler territory, its not cathartic enough and we see these characters return to where they left off. But hey at least they wrapped up the love story element properly.

Siargao Review – Verdict

Weak story, a weak link in Jasmine Curtis Smith but a great way to showcase just how beautiful Siargao is, the movie suffers from getting in too man hit-or-miss situations. Rosales and Gonzales were great casting choices but you know, it’s really the island that’s the star of the movie and redeems everything bad.


But wait there’s more. As a bonus, here’s something from my trip to the island:

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