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No More Annoying Ads on Google Chrome Starting February 15

Google Chrome is making do with their announcements as we got new developments for the Google Chrome when it comes to ads on websites.


The original announcement was done in June and had brought up concepts such as the usage of ad blockers on Chrome and the continued thriving of it. This ofcourse would also mean that their own ad network, Google Adsense, would be affected by this mostly because, hey, Google earns a big chunk of money from ads.

So going back to the main story for this post, Google Chrome (the browser) will start blocking ads beginning February 15. Any website that spams ads or interfere with the user interface will get blocked. So in case you stream anime or read manga from various websites littered with ads, be aware that it won’t be long until you barely see any ads.

But there’s a kicker to this. The “ad block” will be done if the website doesn’t pass the so-called “Better Ads Standards”.

What are the types that will be directly affected by this?

  • Full page ads
  • Flash heavy ads
  • Video ads
  • Ads with audio

If you’re a website admin and you still want to monetize your blog or website then I could point you over to the Google Ad Experience Report. This is basically a program that lets you know whether you’re in compliance with the Better Ads Standards.

Google Ad Experience report

When you do the review and you get a “passing” remark, then you don’t have to worry about anything. In case your website gets the “failing” mark within a 30 day period or beyond, Google Chrome will stop displaying ads. To get over this though, webmasters and owners who got the failing mark previous needs to request for a revision for the ads to reappear again.


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