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G.I. Joe 3 Release Date Revealed! Also in the Works are Micronauts and Dungeons and Dragons!

Paramount Pictures isn’t done with the G.I. Joe franchise and a tweet pretty much confirmed that there’s more from the Real American Heroes down the line, particularly the G.I. Joe 3 release date.

According to Twitter account Exhibitor Relations, the G.I. Joe 3 movie will be released March 27, 2020. Here’s the exact tweet they shared on their account.

That’s not the only film property that’ll be getting a live-action treatment courtesy of Paramount Pictures as there’s also Dungeons and Dragons…

Which should really happen because New Line Cinema did a god-awful job with several movies under the Dungeons and Dragons banner.

Dungeons and Dragons

Second to the last for the unconfirmed reveals is the Micronauts movie release date.

Oh and there’s also an untitled crossover movie featuring Paramount Pictures and Hasbro properties, probably in the same vein as the F.I.R.S.T. box set they released this year.

What do you guys think about this batch? There’s definitely some promise to these projects.

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