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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer is Out!

Marvel has finally released the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer featuring Marvel’s best actors and actresses and a purple guy named Thanos as played by Josh Brolin.

The film is directed by the Russo Brothers who also did Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War together with lead star Chris Evans who plays Captain America. Robert Downey Jr. is also here as well as most of the surviving Avengers (here’s looking at you Quicksilver). This also draws in other heroes under the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise including Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and even Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Watch the Avengers Infinity War Trailer below:

Of course, while Marvel wants to keep things about Avengers 3 under wraps before the release of the film, we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff from the Avengers Infinity War trailer including:

– A new Hulkbuster
– Spider-Man versus Thanos
– Spider-Sense + a new Spider-Man costume
– The return of Steve Rogers
– Epic Wakandan battle
– Vision and Scarlet Witch pairing
– Blonde Black Widow

Trust me there’s a whole damn lot of easter eggs in this trailer alone.

Also spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok but it looks like Loki (Tom Hiddleston) didn’t do the right thing and left the Tesseract behind but rather brought it along when he escaped with the Asgardians after the destruction of Asgard in the fight between Hela and Surtur.

This also explains the Thor: Ragnarok post-credit scene # 1 where Thor witnesses the Sanctuary 2 make an appearance in front of their starship.

Avengers Infinity War comes to theaters May 2018 from Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Company PH.

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