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LOOK: J. Scott Campbell’s Phoenix Resurrection Variant Jean Grey Covers

Check out what Danger Girl creator and frequent Marvel cover artist, J. Scott Campbell, has in store with December’s Phoenix Resurrection miniseries – variant covers featuring Jean Grey.

It looks like an awesome history tour as well as we get to see different versions of Jean Grey including the Jean Grey that’s currently leading the X-Men Blue team.

I also love how he did the coloring for his work utilizing the colors that Jean Grey had used through the years.

We got the classic Jean Grey from the 90s…

There’s also the Ultimate X-Men version sans the short hair which she was first seen (around the same time she slept with Wolverine). Well actually with the way she was illustrated here, it does look like she had the trademark short hair.

We also have the Marvel Girl era costume oozing with green as well.

J. Scott Campbell also included in the list of his variant covers, the X-Factor era Jean…

Check out the rest of the J. Scott Campbell variant covers featuring Jean Grey for Marvel’s Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey below:


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