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Detective Comics # 966 – Tim Drake Forgot About his Bestfriend

Another shocking reveal from the pages of last week’s Detective Comics # 966 was the fact that our protagonist Tim Drake aka Red Robin has no memory of a fan-favorite character.

We all know that there are several “missing” characters that have suddenly reappeared like Wally West, Donna Troy, Stephanie Brown. But the only character that fans love and has yet to appear is Conner Kent aka Superboy aka Kon-El. So in Detective Comics # 966, after escaping Mr. Oz’s ship, we find out that Conner has been erased from Tim Drake’s mind.

“Who the hell is Conner?”

Thanks to Tim’s reaction, Batman then decides that he can finally save Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and the terrible fate that has come to all of them. But then it’s revealed that he also needs to take out Batwoman to do so. And since this is a Batman that bot smart and ruthless, looks like things are getting a lot serious in the Batfamily books.

Interestingly enough, DC was right in saying that Conner’s fate will be addressed. We even get a cameo in the earlier flashbacks of the story during the time James Tynion IV and Eddie Barrows.

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