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Funko Announces James Bond Funko Pop Collection

It’s not a proper movie and/or popculture license without even dishing out James Bond. So today Funko announces a new James Bond Funko Pop wave featuring two versions of Mr. Bond and a gaggle of villains from his iconic rogues gallery.

First off, we’ll have a total of four James Bond Funko pop figures. Two from the Roger Moore era and another two from Sean Connery era. And yes, two of these are exclusives as usual.

James Bond Funko Pop


James Bond Funko Pop – Dr. No Blofeld

It’s classic Blofeld and not Christoph Waltz’s version of the character. Although I wouldn’t mind getting the Waltz version from “Spectre”.

James Bond Funko Pops – OddJob (Regular and Exclusive)

I’m still waiting for the rebooted version of Oddjob. And I’m also waiting for some DIY Youtube channel to recreate this guy’s awesome bowler hat of death.

James Bond Funko Pop – Jaws

You would be a dunce if you don’t get this James Bond villain if you already have the shark from the Steven Spielberg film. They just complement each other well.

James Bond Funko Pop – Golden Girl

These James Bond figures will retail for around Php 550 to Php600 depending on where you buy them. Meanwhile the exclusives of the Moore and Connery Bond plus Oddjob can go for as high as Php 1000.

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