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New Skins for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Featuring Warbird Bundled for $30

This truly is a rotten age for gaming. imagine seeing cool new costumes for characters from Capcom‘s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite but then being charged 30 to be able to unlock them. That’s currently the case for the upcoming new costumes for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Check out these cool costumes for some of the characters in the game.

Captain Marvel Warbird

Casual Chun-Li

Fallen Angel Armor Arthur

Ultimate Thor

Then imagine having to pay $30 just to be able to unlock them.

Criminal right?

There’s actually a total of 18 new costumes for the characters in the game and I’m willing to bet that Capcom will be showing more in the coming days. Still criminally insane. I mean $30 is worth the price of a good game on sale. So why is Capcom adhering to this sucky business model?

Here’s what they had to say over at the official Capcom Facebook page:

Battle in style in #MVCI with these 18 Premium Costumes coming on October 17! bit.ly/MVCIPremiumCostumes

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