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The Origin of Dawnbreaker – Batman: the Dawnbreaker # 1

This week’s Dark Nights: Metal One Shot focuses on the evil Batman – Green Lantern called Dawnbreaker and its again a pretty well-written book.

Dawnbreaker was written by Sam Humphries with art by Ethan Van Sciver.

In this universe, Hal Jordan never became the Green Lantern. He never met Abin Sur either. The Green Lantern in this reality is Bruce Wayne and he just witnessed the murder of his parents.

Joe Chill spares Bruce’s life and it was a costly mistake because the ring found him and chose him to be the new Green Lantern for this sector.

He immediately hunts down the perp and prepares to take his revenge but the ring stops him from exerting lethal force.

The cool thing about -Earth 32 Bruce Wayne is the fact that he overrides the ring through sheer willpower, then taps into a whole new source of power all at the same time.

Just like Hal Jordan around the time Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City, Green Lantern Bruce tries to use the GL ring to revive his parents, with horrifying results.

There’s a few more  interesting stuff that happened in Dawnbreaker # 1. So far, his origin story is one that really ties into the whole DC Elseworlds. Only with more murder and darkness.

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