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Hascon 2017 Marvel Legends Official Images Featuring More Classic X-Men

Hasbro‘s recently concluded HASCON 2017 event showcased a lot of cool Marvel Legends figures, some fresh ones other rehashed with some nifty changes here and there. Here’ a look at some of these figures.

Hascon MarvelLegends Apocalypse BAF

So far, I have seen photos from the event and its got my heart racing. We have a lot of different figures and characters for collectors. My tastebuds and hard earned cash however goes to those X-Men figures featuring the yellow costumed Wolverine and Mohawk 80s Storm.

Black Widow and Bike
Ghost Rider and Bike
Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

Klaw / Shuri 2 Pack (TRU Exclusive)

Klaw and Shuri 2-pack

Apocalypse Build A Figure

Black Bolt

Iron Man

King Cobra

King Cobra Marvel Legends


Marvel Legends Paladin


Marvel Legends 90s Wolverine




Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)



For the first time in quite some time, we will also be getting Marvel Legends figures with vehicles. In the HasCon 2017 reveal, two characters make the cut.

Black Widow and Bike

Ghost Rider and Bike

I’m definitely excited for 90’s Wolverine as well as a new Black Bolt Marvel Legends figure. Then there’s also the two figures with their respective rides.

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