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Evil Presidents and Extra Judicial Killings in Rick and Morty’s Ricklantis Mixup [SPOILERS]

You guys! This week’s episode of Rick and Morty entitled “Ricklantis Mixup” brings the series back to the game with a surprising strong wit, social commentary that works great in various countries and varying geopolitical climates.

In this episode, as Rick and Morty prepare for an adventure in Atlantis, a duo of Rick and Morty appear and ask for donations for the Citadel of Rick. This reality’s Rick doesn’t want none of that and reminds the visiting duo that he was responsible for the murder of the Ricks and the fall of the first Citadel.

We then check back at this new Citadel of Rick and see that it is a thriving society again, with tons of Ricks and Mortys.

From there, we follow several plots. The main two plots that’s crammed in this single episode are:

(a) The campaign of this one Morty who is running for President against several high-profile Ricks.

(b) a duo of Rick and Morty police officers going on duty in Mortytown,

In Ricklantis Mixup, the Morty running for President gets to the heart of voters via the televised presidential debate where he single-handedly beats the other Ricks in terms of answering questions.

He fires his campaign manager, becomes President and in a later scene, he sees his campaign manager again before getting shot in an assassination attempt.

Campaign Manager Morty lands in what seems to be jail or an airlock. Before he gets to say his piece and reveal President Morty’s secret…

Secret Service Rick executes him by sending him outside.

We’ll get back to president Morty and CM Morty’s discovery.

Meanwhile Training Day Rick and Morty shakedown Mortytown. Its interesting here that this Morty believes that all Mortys are the same. They’ll eventually cause trouble within the Citadel of Ricks. He also looks down on them, thinking every Morty is a sidekick by genetics. And without a Rick on their side, they just “kick”. This also triggers him as seen in their “shakedown”.

They manage to squeeze information and they find what seems to be a drug den with several Mortys and one crazy looking Rick.

rick and morty

Training Day Rick and Morty encounter three tattooed Mortys and one crazy Rick

After Rick gets injured with an encounter with another Morty in the building, Training Day Morty asks his partner to leave the place while he takes care of everything. What Rick wasn’t expecting was Morty blows up the building and telling him that he’ll file the report and tell the station that this was the case of Mortys up to no good because, they all are Mortys.

Turns out officer Morty is working for a crimeboss Morty and he gets money for doing “little things”. He also ends up giving Rick a bribe for his silence and cooperation.

This ends in a gunfight inside the strip club where Morty gets killed by Rick after he plays the “surrender willingly” card.

This Rick Sanchez then surrenders to responding officers…

Later in the episode, his case has been reviewed and he is acquited for his crime, because the new management has new policies in place.

So while he already has a case and was involved in what can only be described as “Extra Judicial Killings”, Training Day Rick gets a new lease under the new administration. He even has a new badge and a new department.

How’s that for surreal.

So what about President Morty?

President Morty is seen towards the end of the episode meeting with several high-profile Ricks  with the goal of talking about how to operate the Citadel.

When he finds out that the ruling party isn’t too keen on what the people want but rather just wants to continue operations to become rich, President Morty orders his men to kill those Ricks right there and then.

President Morty orders his men to kill the Ricks [Ricklantis Mixup]

He then proceeds to say this:

A speech about politics, about order, brotherhood, power. But speeches are for campaigning. Now is the time for action.

Lastly, as the episode Ricklantis Mixup draws to a close, we find out what Campaign Manager Morty was babbling about, particularly about the identity of President Morty.

President Morty is actually the one-eyed Evil Morty.


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