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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko Pop Reveals Luke Skywalker and his Red Kyber Crystal

Kyber crystals are important in powering up a lightsaber. We recently learned in the current volume of Darth Vader that the sith lord had to go so much trouble to get one for his saber. Now it’s been revealed and heavily rumored that Luke Skywalker has his own crystal in Star Wars: The Last Jedi thanks to a new Funko pop figure.

star wars the last jedi funko pop luke skywalker

So Star Wars fans will immediately connect the imagery from the toy to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader; particularly that scene in RETURN OF THE JEDI where the two share a nice moment before Vader finally succumbs to his injuries. It just has to connect. Mark Hamill’s Luke getting a hold of the kyber crystal as a keepsake, and it was never given exposition in THE FORCE AWAKENS or ROTJ.

Or this could be something related to Kylo Ren aka his nephew. After all, we all know through that famous flashback scene from THE FORCE AWAKENS that Kylo and his Ren brothers were responsible for the death of Luke’s students in his planned Jedi school. It could be that he took it not necessarily from Ren but from other invaders Kylo brought along to ‘kill the younglings’.

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