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Fire Emblem Warriors ‘Heroes Introduction #1’ trailer

Here’s a quick look at the heroes that will be appearing in the upcoming game Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

The warriors and heroes featured in the Fire Emblem Warriors Heroes Introduction trailer include:

Chrom (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
Robin (Male) (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Cordelia (voiced by Eimi Okada)
Frederick (voiced by Daisuke Ono)
Lucina (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi)
Robin (Female) (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro)
Lissa (voiced by Kana Asumi)

Fire Emblem Warriors ‘Heroes Introduction’ Trailer # 1

The game will be released on October 20 in North America and 28th September in Japan exclusively for the Switch and 3DS.

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