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Asiapop Comicon 2017 Day 2 – CAGE Championship

Here’s our continued coverage for the Asiapop Comicon 2017 Day 2 featuring the cool cosplayers who attended the event.

They opened the competition by having Alodia Gosiengfiao showcase her D.Va cosplay from the Blizzard game Overwatch.

They then called on stage Haiden Hazard, who made her way to the stage in a Juri cosplay from Street Fighter…

Next was Philip Odango who came in as Maui from Disney’s Moana

APCC 2017 Philip Odango

Jin (Behindinfinity) also made an appearance in a cosplay of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts game franchise!

Lastly, they called in Pion Kim who came out as the genderbent Hanzo from Overwatch.

Finally we got to the actual cosplay competition and let me tell you, they were definitely slaying it with the style and attention to detail they poured into their costumes.

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