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Generations Unworthy Thor and Mighty Thor # 1 Reveals Odin’s Love Affair

Generations The Thunder # 1 aka Generations Unworthy Thor and Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar gave such a surprising ending, I just might have to go and pre-order Marvel Legacy # 1.

Like all the other Generations stories that came before, this encounter between past Unworthy Thor aka Thor Odinson or Odinson and the new Thor, Jane Foster followed a basic plot.

Past character gets in a hot water situation and new “legacy” character suddenly makes an appearance to save the day. Then they team up against bigger threat, get personal and legacy returns to the present.

This was the case for Generations the Thunder # 1 with a surprise twist.

So while Thor was busy trying to lift mjolnir after his encounter with Jane Foster, Odin was somewhere in space meeting with a former lover…

This begs the question how did this happen. Its also interesting because this sheds new light for a young Odin which we barely know or heard of. Ever since Marvel began publishing Thor stories, we already see Odin as an old man with one eye and a chip on his shoulder.

I can definitely say you need to get Marvel Legacy # 1 when it comes out on your local comic shops.

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