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APCC 2017 – Why Resin Toys Get more love and Value than Vinyl according to Quiccs

I got a chance to sit down with toy designer, illustrator and creator Quiccs Maiquez as he’s one of the guests for the upcoming Asiapop Comicon 2017 happening all weekend starting tomorrow at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia and we discussed a couple of things.

asiapop comicon 2017 presscon interview with quiccs

First, a self-depreciating blunder:

And now for the full interview:

So as we mentioned earlier, Quiccs shared valuable insight on why resin toys are more valuable than vinyl ones. These are some of his stuff:

… and this…

… and especially this.

Vinyls are the usual toys we feature here on thefanboyseo.com.

And this makes total sense in the collector market. Resins are done by toy designers and are sturdier. They are harder to produce and because of the process it takes, it can be very limited. Most of Quiccs’ stuff is the same. The value is definitely there too. It also takes twice as fast to get a resin toy up in terms of value than normal vinyls.

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