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New Goku Transformation for Dragon Ball Super

A recent magazine scan reveals a potential new Goku transformation in an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super!

The scan came from the latest issue of V-Jump magazine and features a somewhat different Son Goku. They want to call it a new ‘transformation’ so I guess, let’s go with that as well. There are several changes with this Goku’s look. He’s got silver eye color. No changes in his hair colo unlike SSJ. Also there’s no gold aura unlike super saiyan, no red which means no kaioken and not even a tinge of blue energy aura.

new goku transformation

Fans are speculating that this new Goku will surpass Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and that it’s actually a form of godhood.

Here’s what came along with the visual from the magazine scan – “A certain transformation appears in the latest visual…?! Finally, a visual where Goku faces forward! His eyes shine silver, and he wears a stern expression.”

Will Goku be able to fight off against the remaining forces from other universe with this?

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