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3 References to Hope Summers from Deadpool 2 Promotionals

While we don’t have a clue as to what Deadpool 2’s plot would be there are a currently three references that keeps fans rabid about the inclusion of the red haired mutant “messiah”. So, just to get it out there, here are those aforementioned 3 Hope Summers references from Deadpool 2.

# 1 and # 2

In the Deadpool 2 short they aired together with Logan earlier this year, we follow the non-adventure of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) as he tries to foil a mugging in an alley. Rather than go directly to the scene, he picks out a telephone booth where he takes his sweet time in changing to his Deadpool costume.

Easter egg # 1 and # 2 reveal that there’s Cable’s real name (Nathan Summers) scribbled outside the telephone booth.

A few seconds later, we see a scribble of the word “Hope” inside the phone booth; an obvious nod to the character that first appeared in the X-Men crossover “Messiah CompleX”.


So while Reynolds and the studio is keeping mum about this link between Hope and Deadpool 2, there’s a third easter egg in a recent promotion that kinda hints further the appearance of Hope…

Easter Egg # 3

# 3 comes from the promotional image of Josh Brolin as Cable. It’s the photo where we see the militant mutant from another millennium carrying a BFG.

Here’s the tweet that Reynolds posted featuring our first look at Josh Brolin as Cable.

Why does Cable have a teddy bear strung up by his side? It’s really unnatural for Cyclops’ son from the future to have something like this in his person. Cable’s always been the type who goes with utility and function over style; at least his current incarnation particularly the fatherly Cable from Second Coming.

Deadpool 2’s release date is quite for off so there’s still time to drop the bomb on Hope Summers’ involvement in the story. For now let’s all hope for the best especially since it was reported today that a stunt double has died on the set of the film.

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