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Secret Empire # 8 Spoilers

This week’s issue of Secret Empire finally gives us something positive after issues worth of dull moments and deaths. Secret Empire # 8 spoilers folks.

The book was written by Nick Spencer with art by Daniel Acuna, Rod Reis and Sean Izaakse.

In this issue Captain America Sam Wilson aka Falcon returns and makes a rousing speech to the trapped New York City citizens and the survivors of Alpha Flight in outer space.

On Earth, Sam begins his suicide mission to use the cosmic cube and free the people trapped in the Darkforce dimension along with the Defenders and Doctor Strange. He gets shot though in mid-air.

In space, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel gets some good news from Guardians of the Galaxy members Star-Lord and Rocket. They got plans for a Nullifier bomb that they believe can knock out the shield HYDRA’s maintaining.  Its also this planetary shield that prohibits Carol and Alpha Flight from returning to Earth.

So they build the bomb and use their space station to knock the shield off. It fails but it also gives the new Quasar a time to shine.

She was knocked out during the early takeover of HYDRA and Steve Rogers and only now that she’s back on her feet.

And boy does she return with a vengeance.

Carol takes out the Chitauri  queen hideout which was also set up by Captain America.

Carol takes out the Chitauri Queens in Secret Empire # 8

Meanwhile Maria Hill, former SHIELD director, sneaks up on the villain Blackout…

Maria Hill finds Blackout

… And shoots him, lifting the Darkforce energies trapping the heroes in Manhattan including the Defenders.

Back in the frontlines, Captain America returns to his friends and the heroes are reunited after months of separation. Alpha Flight, the Ultimates, Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy regroup.

The Avengers, Defenders, Alpha Flight, Ultimates and GotG reunite in Secret Empire # 8

Another emerging figure here is Namor, who we all thought was allied with Steve Rogers.

He also brought along another Rogers ally, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier, who we all thought was killed by Baron Zemo and Cap a few issues ago.

Namor and Bucky join the fight against Hydra and Steve Rogers

Meanwhile in parts unknown bearded Captain America meets an illusory Sharon Carter who disappears, then meets Kobik.

Steve Rogers meets Kobik

And thats the end for this Secret Empire # 8 spoilers post. 2 more issues to go and we’re back to regular stuff. Oh wait, there’s still Marvel Legacy and Avengers 1,000,000 BC to deal with.


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