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And the Source of Game of Thrones s7E4 is…

It looks like HBO has found the culprit for the leaked episode of Game of Thrones, specifically Game of Thrones S7E4.

Apparently the leaked episode came from Star India, which was confirmed by the HBO subsidiary themselves in a statement. Initially, I really thought that it had been part of last week’s hack on HBO’s servers but this is a new headache apparently. One question I want to raise though is to what reason? Why leak something like this unless there was big money involved.

Watch Game of Thrones S7E4 Trailer “Spoils of War”

The hacked data was worth 1.2 TB and had contained detailed scripts and plot elements for the entire seventh season of Game of Thrones. It sure seemed like the episode in question was part of the stolen data but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Its been confirmed that everything written in the leaked plot was accurate and the leaked fourth episode just cements the claim to the iron throne information.

Star India’s statement says that they are currently tracking the source of the leak on their end while HBO is conducting a separate investigation on the matter.

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