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X-Men: Gold # 9 Spoilers

Here’s our X-Men: Gold # 9 spoilers post. And this week moves the story further as the team try to make relationships work, an unlikely villain appears and a classic X-Men villain returns. The biggest shocker of them all – somebody did a non-marriage proposal.

In this issue written by Marc Guggenheim we slowly pickup with the X-Men after their battle with the nano-Sentinels. There are a bunch of Russians talking about reviving the dead X-Men villain Omega Red. While in the US, we see this familiar Iron Man villain rebuilding his armor.

This also happens to be the weakest part of the story. Anyway, for this X-Men: Gold # 9 spoilers post, we also get to look at the rekindling of the relationship of Peter Rasputin aka Colossus and the team’s leader, Kitty Pryde.


As well as the budding romance between Nightcrawler and Rachel Summers aka Prestige…

But the ultimate OTP moment happens when Colossus “proposes” to Kitty.

There’s also the subplot of Kitty and Peter flying to Washington D.C. to defend mutant rights as the U.S. is considering “mutant deportation”.

It’s also during the congressional hearings that Iron Man’s rogue Whiplash makes an appearance to kill a politician.

So while Peter’s currently unable to use his steel form, he can still serve as a distraction while Kitty takes care of the villain going berserk. And its a pretty cool moment too because she’s showing just how far she’s willing to go to stop Whiplash from hurting more people.

The issue ends with Colossus and Kitty getting closer than ever before…

In Russia, those crazy russkies pull off a successful spell and bring Omega Red back to life.

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