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Closer Look at Grant Gustin’s New Costume for Flash season 4

We are still months away from the premiere of The Flash season 4 but production is well underway. Taken a few days ago is actor Grant Gustin wearing a new Flash suit for season 4.

And since they were shooting on location, there are bound to be photos snapped of the actor in his scarlet speedster garb. Take a look at one such photo below.

Please take the photo with a grain of salt though as there could be a chance that this was a manip.

My take on this? Its definitely getting closer towards the New 52 version of the Flash. We don’t see the weird Jim Lee lines that’s present in the current comic book costume but other elements are in this supposed new suit.

I also have to commend the showrunners for making the Flash costume a backstory or even an evolution of you will. Starts out from season 1 with a more leather look and feel and now its like the costume’s been made within the Speedforce.

Here’s how Grant Gustin looked like in The Flash season 1 for your reference.

flash costume season 1

The Flash season 4 is scheduled to return October 2017.

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