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SDCC 2017 – Here’s a Closer Look at the Justice League Mother Box

SDCC 2017 is kicking it in full swing this weekend and we start our coverage with these photos of the Justice League Mother Box.

Thanks to ScreenRant, we see three different types of mother boxes which will be the main mcguffin for Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

In the comic books, New Gods can do all sorts of things with the mother box. Darkseid and the people of Apokolips loves to use this to instantly get to one place. We’ve seen this in the Bruce Timm era of Justice League Unlimited and even in newer DC shows like Young Justice.

As long as characters from Apokolips are involved, you can bank on a mother box to show up.

In the DCEU however, there are only three versions of the mother box found all around the globe. The humans/ mortals have one which is in the possession of STAR Labs and will eventually be used to form Victor Stone aka the League’s Cyborg.

Now we have a close look at the human’s mother box which is adorned in gold and was probably the one that was being buried in the very first Justice League sizzle reel from last year.

The Amazons also have another one in their possession and it looks like this:

The Atlanteans also have their own mother box which I’m really assuming is with either Arthur’s company or with Mera‘s.

You got to love how each mother box gets the feel of who it belonged to with just one look. The Atlanteans for example has this “runic” feel to it, a bit of old world mysticism with its stone-ish look. It also makes sense too aesthetically because the box was probably brought to these waters by however wants to hide it from Darkseid and Steppenwolf.

What do you guys think of the designs for the Justice League mother box? Like it or hate?

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