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Dunkirk Review

Christopher Nolan returns to deliver a powerful and engaging wartime drama in Dunkirk which stars Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles to name a few.

Nolan’s take on Dunkirk is as gut wrenching as it is uplifting. Its the power of hope in the midst of devastation and a story how people can show humanity even when there’s all sorts of evil around. It’s that little hope that you’ll be able to go home after being trapped in enemy territory for so long. It also plays on your fears. Thanks to the way it was shot and told, you will certainly feel the fear lingering that you’ll die in this god-forsaken place while you can ‘practically see home’.

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But its not as epic as we want it all to be. We dont see the expanse of the world war nor do we really see the hell these soldiers have gone through. Barely there to be honest. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up to you dear reader.

This makes Dunkirk a different war movie.

The movie follows a non-linear story which may leave a few viewers scratching their heads once in a while. I know it left me scratching a bit. But if you do get the story then the payoff is satisfying. Let’s just say they managed to tell a story from the land, air and sea.

The usuals for a Nolan film are here to. Tom Hardy is here (although he doesn’t get to flex his acting muscles here). Insane IMAX shots of WWII planes are here. It even gives an open ending for several characters.

The visuals are mindblowing here in Dunkirk. Sweeping shots of Allied soldiers stuck in a beach was present. Aerial shots of plane dogfights are also here. These add seriousness to the film’s heavy plot.


Dunkirk is an immersive movie thanks to IMAX tech. Nolan had a great plan in the movie but for me, it needed more oomph. Characters were written just right but I had problems caring for several characters. We don’t need backstories but giving them bits of exposition would have helped immensely.

Don’t get me wrong, technically speaking, Dunkirk hits all the right spots. It jist didn’t connect with me the way I expected it.



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