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She-Venom Host Ann Weying Rumored to Appear in VENOM Solo Flick

Sony Pictures’ upcoming Venom solo film project expands the roster and symbiote hosts with the announcement of Ann Weying aka She-Venom.

This is interesting because lead actor Tom Hardy, who plays Eddie Brock, may have to do some serious symbiote action as he battles his ex-wife. Take note however that these are only reports and we still full confirmation either from Marvel or from Sony Pictures. But given that the Venom movie is a long ways off from theaterrs, there’s definitely room to either build up to LIKE the character to warrant her appearance or just ditch her and bring in Carnage instead.

The addition of the Ann Weying character for the Venom solo project was revealed by The Hashtag Show. Weying on the other hand first appeared in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man # 375 where she first appeared as a lawyer who also happened to be Eddie Brock’s wife. She’s encountered both Spider-Man and Peter Parker and has even been caught in the conflict brought about by the animosity Venom has for Spider-Man.

At this point however, we want to again point out that this is currently just a rumor with only one source claiming the story. What we know so far at this point is that (a) Tom Hardy’s in it (b) Ruben Fleischer will be directing and (c) Sony Pictures is definitely handling this. Still sketchy is whether or not the Venom movie will work together with MCU Spider-Man or would be a completely different universe.

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