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Fiery New Villain Revealed via Thor: Ragnarok Funko Pops

If this new reveal from the Thor: Ragnarok Funko pop figures confirms, you just can’t have this one fiery villain when talking about Ragnarok.

Thats right. Surtur is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it hasn’t been really revealed in any of the Thor: Ragnarok trailers.

But here’s what he looks like in the MCU.

The bad news about this is that this would be a Gamestop exclusive figure. You may get this but it would probably cost you an arm and a leg. And there’ll be a few sold in Funko groups in Facebook.

The bigger question I have is how much screen time Surtur would have. Thor: Ragnarok has already around 3 or 4 villains already, how could we fit this big bad in the film. I’m definitely betting that he would just make a cameo and god I hope he won’t be like the one in Doctor Strange…

“Dormammu I’ve Come to Bargain”

Thor: Ragnarok funko pop would be available this quarter. The movie would be released November 2017 and stars Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Cate Blanchett.

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