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Evil Superman Rumored to Appear in Justice League Movie.

There’s a lot of rumbling today online with the rumors swirling that Superman will be an agent of Darkseid and Steppenwolf in Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League movie. And we will be seeing Henry Cavill’s Evil Superman as early as the second trailer.

A Reddit user claims that he got nearly the same description for the evil Superman and the second Justice League trailer from two different sources. Also same user claims that one of his sources was an insider who got a lot of movie plots and trailer descriptions right. (right)

Anyway here’s the breakdown of the supposed second trailer for Justice League.

The rumored Justice League trailer is described as:

• The trailer starts off with Batman recruiting The Flash, with the new DC logos then shown.

• The trailer uses the music of ACDC’s “Thunderstruck.”

• A montage of the team is shown:

– Bruce talking to Diana at a museum.

Cyborg looks depressed as he walks through the halls of his high school using some sort of holographic projection to look normal, with Victor stating, “I never asked for this. I didn’t want to be some thing.”

Aquaman is in Atlantis, said to resemble a castle in ruins, talking with Willem Dafoe’s Vulko about his destiny.

– A Motherbox is being guarded by Atlantean soldiers–when Steppenwolf and his forces attack. Steppenwolf takes the Motherbox, with Aquaman in pursuit swimming after him. Steppenwolf throns his axe at Aquaman, and in slow-motion, Aquaman dodges it (under water).

• The Justice League trailer cuts to Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg who are under heavy attack by the Parademons in some kind of tunnel. They are being overwhelmed, and then the tunnel floods with Aquaman showing up to save the team. Aquaman says, “Dressed like a bat. I dig it.” Aquaman then asks Batman for help.

• Cut to the Justice League entering the Batcave where Flash geeks out. Batman talks about the Parademons kidnapping scientists (calls them “creatures). Wonder Woman asks what’s the plan. The Flash asks Alfred for some room service, with Alfred walking off.

• Another montage of action is shown including:

– A slow-motion shot of Wonder Woman falling trying to reach her sword as The Flash tips it with his finger so she can grab it.

– Cyborg punches Aquaman, as Aquaman throws Cyborg against the wall.

– Shots transition to Aquaman throwing Bruce against a wall.

– A scene shows Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash guarding what appears to be the scout ship.

– Batman gliding into a Parademon.

– Steppenwolf stepping on Wonder Woman’s chest.

– Cyborg standing on a football field.

– The Flash then is shown making a joke about Cyborg looking like the Tin Man.

• The Justice League title card is then shown, with next scene described to be the “money shot”:

– Batman is in the Batmobile is driving toward some kind of ship when a black costumed Superman with a beard and longer hair lands right between Batman and the ship. Superman has red eyes and an evil smirk (fire is said to be in the background, raining ash… “it’s a great visual shot”) while Batman has a look of “oh shit” on his face, and the trailer ends.

• More on Superman:

– The black Superman suit is said to be amazing with no cape.

– The chest symbol is bigger than usual and said to resemble the “Kingdom Come” Superman chest symbol.

– It has more of a dark grey than silver.

– There is also some kind of long grey thin line in the middle of the suit going from the symbol to the waist.

– “The design of the suit itself looks like molten lava (with glowing lines of red under the suit, too).”


You know what, this would have been farfetched but this is Zack Snyder, a director and architect who wants to really grill Superman. So what’s worse than dying at the end of Batman v Superman? How about being revived and brainwashed to be a part of Apokolips’ invading force.

The story featuring an Evil Superman has also been done to death both in Post-Crisis Superman lore via the Elseworlds tale in 1998’s Superman: The Dark Side.

We’ve also seen versions of that in the Superman movies as well as the acclaimed Superman: The Animated Series. But we’ll focus more on that for a separate post.

What do you guys think about this? Would you be interested in seeing an Evil Superman going up against the Justice League?

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