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Dazzler Set to Join X-Men: Dark Phoenix

We’re covering news for X-Men: Dark Phoenix now and it looks like we’ll finally see Dazzler joining the team in the fourth “revamped” X-Men movie.

Remember back when they were about to screen X-Men: Apocalypse and they showed a record of Dazzler in one of the scenes featuring the X-brats Cyclops, Jean Grey and the rest of the second wave of X-Men? And that Taylor Swift was even rumored to make an appearance as Alison Blaire herself.

But now as we get to the fourth X-Men movie under this new timeline, we may just get A Dazzler.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Dazzler would be appearing in X-Men: Dark Phoenix with a minor role but it won’t be Taylor Swift though.

Recently the casting call for ‘Dark Phoenix’ also called for actresses who not just fits the look of Dazzler, but also one for Rogue.

Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult will all be returning to reprise their roles while Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) is currently in negotiations to play the role of Shi’ar empress and former wife of Charles Xavier, Lilandra.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is slated for a November 2018 release.

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